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According to the World Health Organization (W.H.O), every individual passes through three Zones of life. These are: Vibrant Zone (from age 0 – 25); tired zone (from age 26-50) and sick zone (from age 50 and above). When you are within the Vibrant Zone (age 0-25), your Glutathione level is usually very high, your cells are still vibrant and active. But as you age into the tired zone (from age 26-50), your Glutathione level begins to decline and you will begin to notice some symptoms like general body tiredness, poor sexual performance, inability to sleep well, etc. If proper care is not taking, the person will go into the sick zone with life threatening health challenges like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, glaucoma, Kidney/ liver disease, etc

The most powerful antioxidant you have never heard of…

Its’s one of the KEYS to fighting off the diseases you fear the most

It’s called Glutathione. Write the name down because it is critically important.

  • AS GLUTATHIONE Level Decline,
    your body can pay a TERRIBLE PRICE
  • Accelerated Ageing 
  • Increase Cellular Inflammation
  • Reduced mental Focus and Clarity
  • Increase Fatigue
  • Low Sexual performance and low libido
  •  Increased Vulnerability to more than 74 major diseases 



One of our Associates’ sisters, a Barrister, shared her story of being diagnosed with renal failure last year. She had dropped from 75kg to 45kg, was bed ridden
for 6 months, hospitalized for 2 months, on dialysis, unable to work or care for her children, and was on the list for a kidney transplant. Her doctor started her on Cellgevity, and today her kidneys show no sign of disease, she did not need any transplant, she is healthy, back to work and looking after her family.

A pastor In Uyo who had Diabetic foot Ulcer (DFU), a complication of diabetes. He was scheduled for amputation, but one of his doctors suggested he tried CELLGEVITY and he was placed on high doses of cellgevity for 8 weeks and the result was amazing. No amputation, blood sugar well under control and he is living a normal life once again.

One of our Associates, a Medical Doctor, gave Cellgevity to a patient who was unable to control her bowels or urine. The patient now knows when she has to urinate or defecate and no longer loses control.

One of our Associates, a Medical Doctor, has a 54 year old Sickle Cell patient who frequently felt bone pain and other crises related to Sickle Cell. She has been on Cellgevity for 6 weeks and has been crisis free. This would not have been the case before Cellgevity. He is now going to introduce it to other Sickle Cell patients.

One of our Associates is a Nurse, standing on her feet for 12-hour shifts. She gets very tired during her shift and also cannot sleep well at night. After starting Cellgevity she now sleeps like a baby and has great energy all day long for her 12-hour shift.

Our Associate gave a woman with diabetes and a diabetic ulcer Cellgevity. For 4 years she had suffered from a diabetic ulcer on her leg, with a dressing that had to be changed at the hospital every 2 weeks or else the wound would begin to smell. After beginning Cellgevity she missed her appointment. The doctor was worried something had happened to her. When she finally came in for her appointment 3 weeks after beginning Cellgevity, the ulcer was virtually healed.

A 68-year-old man had suffered from stroke the past 8 months. After starting cellgevity his wife called to say that he was now able to urinate on his own for the first time in 8 months and had also experienced his first erection in 8 months.

One of our Doctors was working with a couple that could not conceive for 4 years, the man had low sperm count and could not hold a strong erection. After being on Cellgevity, the sperm count increased, his erections improved, and the couple has just called the doctor to advise the wife is now pregnant.

One of our Associates gave Cellgevity to her friend who complains of heel pain and was no longer able to wear high-heeled shoes. After starting on Cellgevity she now wears high-heeled shoes happily with no pain.

One of our Associates, a Health Worker, saw a woman who had been from hospital to hospital, prescribed many medications, and still nothing was able to help her. She was unable to walk or do any normal daily task without aid. After starting Cellgevity she can now walk without aid, and is able to coordinate movements of her limbs, plus complete many of the daily tasks she had previously not been able to do

One of our Associates mother had surgery 4 years ago and never recovered fully. She experienced ongoing pain and it was sometimes even difficult to carry her handbag. As a widow with 5 children she had to continue working regardless, her family relied on her. After being introduced to Cellgevity she says she has never felt such vitality and happiness in all her life, she now works and even requests overtime because her well-being is so wonderful.

One of our Associates, a 28 year old medical doctor, has had unexplained ankle pain since he was 18 years old. He loves to play soccer, and whenever he played the pain got very bad and he would be disabled for some time after. Tests showed nothing wrong. Since he has started on Cellgevity he can now enjoy playing soccer without pain and has had no ankle pain for the past one year. His Dad is 68 and enjoys riding his bicycle but had been unable to continue due to ongoing serious waist pain that stopped him from many activities. Again, tests showed nothing wrong. He started on Max products and has been pain free for the past 8 months, once again enjoying bicycling and all of his normal activities.

One of our Associates gave Max products to a Pastor who has been struggling with high blood pressure and an enlarged heart, in and out of hospital and in the house for the past year. After 3 weeks, he is feeling much better, is sleeping well and says he feels very strong.

One of our Associates started to feel very unwell and was diagnosed with high blood sugar. He was placed on medication for 2 months by his doctor, which did not do any good. He was then placed on a different medication for 2 months also with limited results. Somebody introduced Cellgevity to him and after a month he was doing very well. His medication for diabetes has been reduced and combined now with Cellgevity his blood sugar is very well controlled.

One of our new associate started cellgevity and in just, 2 days He noticed increased energy and better sexual performance. We know that there know that there are many men with hypertension and Diabetes who have challenges with sexual performance. MAX ATP and CELLGEVITY works wonders for anyone with this issue.


From a Cellgevity User

I am 46 years old and I live in Abuja. I have been married for 7 years and separated for 7 years again. I lost my marriage due to childlessness and other related issues. I have had a fibroid operation done once in my attempt to conceive. I was told recently that the fibroid has regrown and will need another surgery if I must conceive. I’ve avoided the thought of another surgery hence have relied on alternative medicine with little or no success. My boyfriend however introduced me to Cellgevity sometime in July 2018. I took 2 bottles and noticed a great improvement in menstrual cramps and flow. I decided to continue with the last 2 bottles. Just on the 3rd of October, I noticed I missed my period which has never happened in 16 years. I went to see my doctor yesterday and was confirmed pregnant. Thanks to this wonderful product. Now I don’t have to worry about spending my earnings on IVF. I will love to share this testimony to encourage others who are in the same condition. Cellgevity may just be all that you are waiting for.



*from a Max Associate in Akwa Ibom*

I can’t keep calm again ooo.
My dad had internal pile, spinal cord problem and peptic Ulcer. Today God pass through cellgevity to heal him, he is now waxing strong, no more hospitals, No more complaints from him, he is looking fresh now. Praise d lord!💃💃💃



A HIV positive patient in the hospital i work who has been on antiretrovirals (ARVs) for more than 5 years, started having decreasing CD4 count since early last year, dropping consistently from *404 cells/ul* as at January last year (2017) to *110 cells/ul* (done in August this year), despite fully adhering to her ARVs. I recommended *cellgevity* to her, and she took consistently for about 2 months.
She returned today, and the investigation was repeated. Her CD4 count went up to *306 cells/ul* (by about 200 in just 2 months).
Not only that, her weight increased from *60kg* as at previous visit in August, to *63kg* today.
Cellgevity works!
If you know people living with HIV, recommend Cellgevity to them.

*Note: Cellgevity does NOT cure HIV, but it raises the glutathione levels in the cells significantly. When that happens, it will boost the CD4 count and improve significantly the quality of life of the patient.*

Dr Legson Paninga
(Senior Medical Officer, Taraba State)

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We have testimonies on almost every health challenge you can imagine – hypertension ,stroke, arthritis, migraines, asthma, and so many more……note that we should not be recommending for children, pregnant women or nursing mothers, however a parent can take their own decision for their child or a doctor may make a recommendation based on their medical knowledge of their patient.
It is important also to note that *Cellgevity is NOT a DRUG or a MEDICINE and does not treat, cure or prevent disease. Cellgevity is a FOOD SUPPLEMENT that increases glutathione, and when that happens, miracles can happen.*
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